About Vitfoss

The farmer's associate for more than 80 years.

Based on the needs of the farmer Vitfoss helps create value-adding solutions through customised farm mixes for the animal production. In addition to our vitamin- and mineral compounds we have a wide range of supplementary products, e.g. milk replacers for cows and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection and other unique trouble shooters.


Our knowledge, your strength

Our knowledge and experience is obtained through work with nutrition for all animal groups in animal production for more than 80 years. We have a larger number of specialists working daily with optimisation and improvement of nutrition and health in animal production. Our activities cover research, development, production, technical advice, sales and marketing. Our goal is to provide this knowledge to our customers and jointly optimising the production economics of the farm – our knowledge, your strength!

Vitfoss has up-to-date production facilities, in which quality control, traceability and flexibility are key concepts in order to maintain our position as market leader and to make optimum solutions adapted to the raw materials that are available to the individual farmer.


Our core values

At Vitfoss we are working according to three core values:

Dlg Core ValuesTrustworthy: because we take responsibility and strive to be our customer’s preferred business
partner and advisor.
Value-creating: because we help our owners, customers, employees and business  associates to grow and develop by creating new value.
Ambitious: because we dare to be ambitious on behalf of the Group, our   employees and, not least, our customers.


Vitfoss is part of Vilofoss Group

Vitfoss is part of Vilofoss Group, which is the business area within vitamins, minerals and supplementary products of DLG Group (Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab). The Group is one of the three largest companies on the European market within vitamins and minerals with 14 factories located in 6 countries in Europe and 7 located in China.
Furthermore, we have sales companies and agents in 17 countries. We are selling to more than 60 countries across continents. Vilofoss Group comprises more than 500 employees including a large number of highly specialised staff members within most animal groups working with research, development, production, nutritional advice, marketing and sales of the numerous products. Our core products are vitamin- and mineral compounds for farmers and feed factories but apart from that we have a wide range of supplementary products, e.g. milk replacers, veterinary products, products for disinfection and other unique trouble shooters.

The product range is a collection of strong brands from Vitfoss in Denmark, Calcialiment in France, Deutsche Vilomix in Germany and FoderMix in Sweden.

A part of DLG

Vilofoss Group is owned by DLG Group (Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab), which is one of the largest agricultural societies in Europe employing 7,400 people and owned by Danish farmers.

The goal of DLG: To improve the production economics of the farmer.
The basic obligation of DLG is to strengthen the competitiveness of customers and owners. 

DLG is working within 3 core areas

Farm supply: Since the start in 1898 selling and buying of farm supply has been a key competence for DLG.
DLG is selling and buying crops as grain, rapeseed, soya and maize. Within animal nutrition we are selling and producing pre-mixed feed and concentrates for pigs, cattle and poultry, whereas activities within crop farming cover everything from breeding of new varieties, seeds, fertiliser, crop protection to lime for the fields.

Vitamins and minerals: DLG’s vitamin- and mineral brand Vilofoss is one of the largest and most advanced producers of vitamins and minerals in Europe.
Vilofoss produces vitamins and minerals on factories in Germany, France, Sweden, Russia and in China.
The latest major investments are made in China, where we in cooperation with PUAI Feed have built new feed factories to European standards and in France, where a new factory will produce minerals for cattle from the end of 2017.

Service and energy: In Service & Energy the energy activities are by far the largest and DLG is with 40% of the shares in the joint venture, DCC Energy, the leading supplier of energy to the agricultural sector. In Germany the energy business is run by Team AG that besides the energy distribution also owns 200 petrol stations and 65 DIY centres.


Timeline of Vitfoss