Cowshed hygiene

Stalosan F B BasicVitfoss provides a wide range of dry disinfectants for cowsheds. They range from drying-out agents to agents with a combination of properties for drying out and combating problems caused by bacteria and certain parasites, including mastitis, excessive cell counts, hoof abscesses, diarrhoea, and excessive concentrations of ammonia in the pen area.

The choice of product depends on the situation, and we are pleased to help you improve your cowshed hygiene. We market only Danish-produced dry disinfectants, which we can vouch for and which has a documented effect.

Ideal hygiene and environment control in cow stalls and calf pens

  • Minimises the risk of infection from the cow stall and creates ideal environmental conditions for low cell counts.
  • Prevents all types of diarrhoea in calves, including coccidia, coli bacteria and salmonella.


Product Effect Absorption effect of 100 g
Stalosan Basic® 15 kg Drying effect Clean water: 80g
Stalosan® F 15 kg

Drying, combats fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites

Clean water: 80g
Contaminated with N: 300g

Stalosan® B 15 kg Drying, combats fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites For organic farmers Clean water: 90g
Contaminated with N: 200 g


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