Johan Ocklind to head Fodermix


Fodermix changes its CEO on August 22 as current CEO, Henrik Fredericsson, steps down to focus on his business as a farmer and pig producer.

Fodermix _front
Johan Ocklind is an agronomist with a degree in business administration and has worked with business on LRF Konsult, agricultural advisor in the banking world, and CEO of agricultural technology company Data Plant.


Johan Ocklind is excited about his new role: 


"To get the chance to be involved and continue to develop a business like  Fodermix is truly an exciting challenge. The company is well known for its special premixes  and its great expertise and dedication of its employees. I would like to see these strengths as a continued development," he says.


"Together with the international outlook on vitamins and concentrates for animals in our owner, Vitfoss, the ingredients from Fodermix adds real value to Swedish pig production."


Current CEO Henrik Fredricsson has worked intensively with a clearer organizational structure in Fodermix. This organization will continue in Johan Ocklind.


Stig Bäckström, Board Member in Fodermix and Market Director for Feed in Svenska Foder, says:  


"Johan has qualities that we believe fits perfectly into Fodermix. His analytical skills, coupled with his experience in business development and financial management gives Fodermix an additional tip on the tough market found around the special feed."


"We also want to thank Henrik Fredricsson for his work in Fodermix and wish him all the best in his future endeavors," says Stig Bäckström.